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Intel & ASUS IoT: Centralized Smart Store Chain Management

ASUS IoT and Intel provide solution for streamlined smart store chain management, leveraging centralized content distribution, automated operation planning, and integration with AI.
MESH logo

OpenVINO Powers AI in Smart Stores

Retail undergoes digital transformation with IoT and AI for smart stores. ASUS IoT-Intel infrastructure powers effective solutions like Customer Traffic Analytics, enhancing real-time monitoring and data analysis. Continuous improvement is crucial in a dynamic market.
TMA solutions

Empowering Retailers with Anonymization Tools

brighter AI’s Image and Video Anonymization software, optimized with Intel® technologies.
brighter AI

Winning Together: ASUS IoT & Irida Labs

ASUS IoT and Irida Labs reimagined the vending solution, helping the end client transition to an industrial-grade PC and a more robust AI solution.
Irida Labs

Bringing Industrial IoT Devices to Rugged Environments

Take a closer look at the world of IoT resilience and discover the secrets to deploying rugged IoT devices in challenging environments

ASUS IoT Tinker Board S R2.0 Series: The Reliable Choice to Realize Thermal Imaging Application

ASUS IoT's Tinker Board s R2.0 realizes Calumino thermal-imaging sensor technology to assist holistic commercial building management by tracking human activity, life safety, and security insights.

Bringing Automated Intelligence to Store Operations

Food retailers are facing unprecedented pressures in what is an increasingly competitive sector. Ensuring that adequate amounts of high quality goods are always available calls ...

ASUS IoT realizes the future of intelligent logistics with automated guided vehicles

Founded in 2007, our customer is a leading developer of automated guided vehicle (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robot (AMRs) in China, with a well-known brand and a worldwide ...

ASUS IoT technology aids transformation of digital out-of-home marketing

Solmate’s initial plan was to develop and deploy its own DOOH solution for salon smart mirrors. It did this by purchasing an existing off-the-shelf product, with the intention of tailoring the device to its own requirements...

ASUS IoT AI Accelerator PCIe Card elevates automated video editing to the next level

TIPSTAR sends live video footage of races held simultaneously at more than 40 bicycle and auto racetracks across the country to a data center. Here it is processed and edited, with rolling captions, animations and ...

ASUS IoT and smart vending machines: Modernizing automated food service

Vending machines represent a great solution for providing food and drinks in a convenient and effective way, almost anywhere. However, traditional vending machines no longer serve the needs of increasingly demanding ...

ASUS Fanless Chromebox: Powering Digital Signage Solutions and Beyond

Digital signage has the power to transform the way people shop and the way companies sell products — through understanding customer interests and providing more interactive, high-impact experiences tailored to those ...
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