Driving AIoT Forward

ASUS IoT solutions are empowering customers and advancing the digital transformation known as Industry 4.0. In recent years, ASUS IoT has leveraged significant advantages in research and development to actively expand IoT offerings and develop advanced AI technology. ASUS IoT's AIoT Solution spanning edge AI technology, smart retail, smart manufacturing and smart healthcare — and advances the brand’s vision of being an AIoT ecosystem provider in each vertical.

Smart Retail Solutions

ASUS IoT smart manufacturing solutions are tailor-made for manufacturing applications and essential use cases, including AI-driven predictive maintenance of single assets, AI-powered automated optical inspection, production optimization, surveillance and physical threat detection. These solutions reduce costs, increase safety and security, improve quality assurance and facilitate regulatory compliance. They also result in greater overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to improve efficiency and, ultimately, profits.

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Smart retail solutions — that is, smart technologies that give consumers better, faster, safer and smarter shopping experiences — have become critically important with the recent rise in contactless retail. The ASUS IoT solutions created to enhance customer experiences, optimize supply chains and create revenue streams

Smart Healthcare Solutions

ASUS smart healthcare provides holistic healthcare devices and services, with a particular focus on electronic and mobile health services. These solutions include intelligent medical devices, mobile apps, client and cloud platforms and AI-enhanced healthcare technology. ASUS also develops solutions for enhancing management of electronic medical records for both inpatient and outpatient care, as well as innovations for improving telecare.