ASUS Gaming is designed for video lottery terminals (VLT), slot and lottery machines, infotainment for electronic games and kiosks with the latest processing performance, support for new graphics technologies, security enhancements and trusted reliability to ensure great entertainment experiences for users. As an associate member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, ASUS offers system integrators access to new processing technologies, roadmaps and resources for planning.

ASUS industrial motherboards feature rich I/O and connectivity to link and manage multiple peripherals to meet the requirements of different gaming applications. ASUS works closely with multiple VLT-builders during the pre-sale validation stage, providing hardware and BIOS tools to shorten customer product-development time and reduce costs.

Reliable 24/7 operations and easy maintenance are also key for gaming solutions. ASUS employs exacting standards to guarantee quality, chooses the best components for performance and performs extensive testing for extreme reliability, compatibility and safety.

Why ASUS Gaming?

Flexible connection options to link and manage multiple peripherals to meet gaming requirements

Strategic design partnerships that enable processing and graphics capabilities

Extensive experience and capabilities in hardware design and software development

ASUS world-class after-sales service