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Elevate efficiency through system modularization

Why choose ASUS IoT CTOS?
ASUS CTOS: Crafting your unique service experience
ASUS CTOS redefines service by offering personalized choices in hardware, software and accessories. Our ecosystem partners, with robust expertise, deliver swift and diverse solutions locally. Join us for a unique tech service tailored precisely to your needs.
Motherboard design details showcased in the image.
Innovative technology and flexible design
Cutting-edge and extensive motherboard lineup coupled with highly-adaptable customization options
Two male engineers meticulously inspecting the ongoing work
Exclusive technical support
Expert quality-testing team and dedicated R&D professionals for thorough feasibility evaluation
Stable and precise wafer production during manufacturing.
Efficient logistics for reliable production
Superior logistics and stable supply chain for assured timely production
The female customer service agent smiling, wearing headphones, facing a computer screen.
Fast and real-time support

Swift support without time-zone limitations: Local teams situated globally enable us to deliver fast and efficient support services around the clock, resulting in reduced downtime and improved system availability and stability.

Over 25 regional service centers: We track customer needs and offer timely assistance and solutions.

Office workers, both male and female, standing around a desk discussing documents together.
High-speed and specialized R&D support

Our dedicated CTOS R&D team enables us to promptly address CTOS customer needs and adapt our research and development direction effectively. Benefiting from our extensive experience in CTOS projects, the ASUS IoT R&D team excels in addressing customer issues and providing expert advice.

A person using a laptop with hexagonal translucent images presenting functions such as machine, clouds, search, etc., and the word 'customization.
Flexible CTOS solutions for maximum efficiency

One-stop integrated solutions: Key parts can be added to ensure that solution aligns with your business processes.

Competitive pricing and expedited delivery on key parts: By leveraging the wider ASUS group vendor pool, we have multiple supplier options, minimizing the risk of relying on a single supplier and maximizing the opportunity for price and quality comparisons.

Displays the flow from RFQ, feasibility evaluation, sample preparation, customer testing, verification, certification to mass production.
ASUS IoT CTOS process flow
  1. 1. Select foundation: Start customization from our list.
  2. 2. Customize hardware: Tailor device with processor, memory, and storage.
  3. 3. Tailor software: Match workflow with pre-installed OS and software.
  4. 4. Enhance with accessories: Add ports and cards to meet needs.
  5. 5. Contact local support: Review and seek assistance from ASUS local support.
A blue globe featuring a world map with light blue connectors and partner logos.
Global partners in excellence with CTOS and quality commitment
Elevating excellence with the ASUS IoT commitment to quality, supported by a dedicated R&D team. Join us in a dynamic ecosystem for strong partnerships and unparalleled success.
A doctor in the operating room, accompanied by three medical staff members performing simultaneous procedures, surrounded by three screens.
In the wafer manufacturing process, it shows the robot arm and the entire row of wafers.
A masked customer using a self-checkout machine to purchase fruit, wearing gloves, and interacting with a touchable panel.
Aerial view of an intersection with four-way traffic, cars, and pedestrians, with data analyzed on the image.

Application – Medical/healthcare

With ASUS IoT CTOS, we offer tailored solutions for optimized workflows, scalability, compliance adherence, cost-efficiency, rapid deployment and an enhanced patient experience.

Application - Industrial automation

Facilitated by ASUS IoT CTOS, it enhances efficiency by streamlining operations, reducing manual labor and optimizing production processes.

Application - Smart retail

Enhances customer engagement in smart retail through personalized experiences, efficient inventory management and data-driven insights.

Application - Smart transportation

Provides efficient mobility solutions to ensure seamless connectivity, real-time monitoring and optimized operations for enhanced efficiency and passenger experiences.

Discover the products

ASUS IoT CTOS offers a diverse range of products tailored for diverse customized solutions.

Unleashing power in compact form

Experience robust thermal design, rich I/O connectivity and a compact fanless box for diverse IoT applications.
0.0 out of 5 stars.

Intel® Atom® x6000E Series Fanless Embedded Computer with LPDDR4x on board, up to 4Kp60 solutions via HDMI X 2, Dual-LAN, Multiple COM, USB3.2, M.2 E key, M.2 B key, 12-24V DC

0.0 out of 5 stars.

Intel® Atom® x6000E Series Fanless Embedded Computer with DDR4, 4K@60hz DP and HDMI, Dual-LAN, Multiple COM, USB3.2, M.2 E/M/B key, 9-36V DC

0.0 out of 5 stars.
Intel Atom® and Processor N-series Fanless Embedded Computer with DDR5, 4K@60hz DP and HDMI, Dual-LAN, Multiple COM, USB3.2, mini PCIe, 9-36V DC



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