Smart Healthcare Solutions

For Cardiovascular Disease Care and More Efficient OPD & Nursing Procedure

What to Choose ASUS Smart Healthcare Solution ?

The ASUS Smart Health solution provides holistic healthcare and services for cardiovascular disease and more efficient OPD (outpatient clinic) and nursing procedures, including:

  • Health tracker for preventive medicine
  • Mobile medical device and AI early-detection system for digital diagnosis
  • AI-based ICD-10 solution and nursing cart
  • ASUS Smart Health includes both home and hospital telehealth solutions
ASUS Portable Ultrasound Solution

ASUS Portable Ultrasound Solution is a smart point-of-care ultrasound device that integrates seamlessly via mobile app or web platform. Small in size, it is ideal for healthcare facilities, Home- and Community-Based Services or ambulance.

ASUS Telemedicine Cart

ASUS produces a telemedicine cart solution for use in hospitals. These mobile carts are used in the quarantine rooms, doctors’ offices and nursing stations to enable healthcare works to provide remote diagnostics.

ICD10 AI Coding Assistant

There are three major benefits for ASUS ICD-10 AI Coding Assistant – speed, revenue and accuracy.
Speed : It helps to automate repetitive tasks and free coders for more time to focus on complex issues that AI can’t resolve.
Revenue: AI can capture the possible codes from complete physician notes, allowing the institutions to maximize the reimbursement and reduce the possibilities for under-coded bills, or rejected claims.
Accuracy: We had proved to have above 80% recall rate after actual deployment at the hospitals. The accuracy will continue improving when the coders start to use our products, creating a positive-feedback loop that will enable AI to keep learning.


Intelligent in-vehicle edge gateway for ambulances enables provision of remote healthcare and fleet monitoring