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Realize the future of smart retail
ASUS IoT smart retail is designed for retailers that seek for a combination of diverse solutions and services, from capable hardware and market-ready application solutions to advanced data analysis. We provide a comprehensive product range and competitive tailored solutions for any retail environment, empowering our customers the most of emerging opportunities.
Happy retailer using customized product and service supporting their business
Custom builds
Supporting retailers with rapid time-to-market and production flexibility for diverse commercial applications.
all sort of market-ready solutions for various application in retail industry
Market-Ready Solutions
Ready-to-use solutions for intelligent retail, providing a more efficient management.
Retail data collected and analysed  logically on a computer screen
Data Integration & Analysis
Integrating cross-channel shopper behaviors, and putting digital at the heart.
Where the physical and digital become seamless
With the new era of AIoT, any detail in the retail store can be useful data for retail owner. Discover how these data can help your business grow.
of retail customers believe retail stores still have an important role to play.*1
of omnichannel customers will share a positive experience with six or more people.*2
of consumers who prefer stores with automation technologies.*3
Serving customers in their vehicles with the support of AIoT technologies
State-of-the-art in-vehicle service solutions

Edge AI solutions from ASUS IoT enable businesses to create seamless shopping experiences for customers, with powerful, flexible technologies to empower smooth drive-through retail services and curbside pickups — building satisfaction and loyalty.

Retail owners have all retail details in a dashboard
Embracing smart retail capabilities

To build a smarter retail store, it is essential to embrace the latest innovations.

Set your business apart from the competition by updating your point-of-sale (PoS) systems, interactive kiosks and device-management SaaS with smart solutions from ASUS IoT, providing an effortless integration for shoppers and employees.

Employees and customers can easily learn information about products through smart devices
Unifying and analyzing customer and employee experiences

Modern customers expect to be able to interact with retailers in multiple ways. For seamless omnichannel marketing, it’s vital to analyze both customer and employee experiences — resulting in more effective overall promotion.

Empowering with value-added micro services

Creating a unique retail business, coupled with diverse solutions and services. ASUS IoT offers competitive tailor-made micro services, such as OneID membership, IoT store sales system and customer data analytics. Bringing your business into the most promising opportunities.

ASUS and Quividi Forge Strategic Partnership. The image features ASUS NUCs and ASUS IoT Tinker Board devices against a blue background adorned with ASUS and Quividi logos.
interaction Out-of-home device in a hair salon
Customer using a smart vending machine with a interactive signage
A close shot on a EV charging device charging a car.

ASUS and Quividi Forge Strategic Partnership

The co-winning approach enables advanced audience measurement integration across digital signage solutions based on ASUS NUC and ASUS IoT Tinker Board devices.
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ASUS IoT technology aids transformation of digital out-of-home marketing

Customized Smart Mirror products designed, built and supplied by ASUS IoT are engineered to cope with rough handling, and specified to be able to absorb unexpected component or material shortages – enabling ASUS IoT to offer the long-term supply assurances Solmate's, an adtech company, needs. This helps Solmate manage its own requirements and costs, and also those of its clients.
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ASUS IoT and smart vending machines: modernizing automated food service

Working in close partnership with our client, ASUS IoT engineers built an intelligent vending machine based on ASUS IoT PE200U, an intelligent, TCO-optimized edge computer for IoT applications. Our dual aims were to reshape the vending-machine experience for consumers and to help our client realize greater profits through improved inventory control and targeted point-of-sale advertising.
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Asus Iot and Fortune Electric collaborate on AI-powered EV-charging station technology.

"Fortune Electric created an all-new EV-charging station based on the powerful and versatile ASUS IoT ALPR Edge AI DevKit. In tandem with the ASUS Open Cloud Infrastructure Software (OCIS), the new charging pile is able to deliver incredible-accurate ALPR recognition of up to 99.99% for reliable automated billing – including for both parking and charging. This impressive ALPR technology is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and coupled with a deep-learning algorithm to minimize image noise and maximize identification of key markers, just as the license-plate boundary. With such under-the-hood smarts and cloud-backed processing, the charging station does not itself need powerful. Even a basic USB camera can be made ALPR-capable."
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Discover our products

ASUS IoT provides a wide range of smart retail offerings to accelerate digital transformation.

Embedded series for IoT applications

With multiple form factors ranging from ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX, Thin-ITX and single board computers (SBC), ASUS IoT offers excellent environment adaptability, rich connectivity and powerful expandability — for embedded retail, kiosk and point-of-sale (PoS) applications.
0.0 out of 5 stars.
fan-less thin mini-ITX motherboard for Intel Celeron® Quad-Core J6412 processor, Low-power, 2 x SO-DIMM slots, HDMI, LVDS, M.2 E Key, M.2 M Key, Mini-PCIe, 6 x COM
0.0 out of 5 stars.
Fan-less thin mini-ITX motherboard for Intel Celeron® Quad-Core J3455E processor, Low-power, 2 x SO-DIMM slots, VGA, HDMI, LVDS, M.2 E Key, Mini-PCIe, 6 x COM


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