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Innovating for Progress: ASUS IoT Drives Smart City Initiatives

Smart cities contribute to quality of life
According to McKinsey Global Institute, smart cities put data and digital technology to work to make better decisions and improve the quality of life. Comprehensive, insightful and real-time data empowers agencies to study events as they unfold, analyze the evolution of demand patterns and respond with relevant solutions — typically at speed and lower cost than before.
Cloud-connected city for more safety and guardiance
Improved societal safety
By implementing smart-city solutions and data-driven policing and optimized emergency action can be achieving, improving overall traffic safety and lives saved.
Smart transportation brings efficient city operation
More efficient city operation
Through intelligent management via apps and cloud services, both government and citizens’ time can be saved — increasing work productivity and enjoyment of life.
Digital light beams implies modern  living standard for future
Lower cost of living
Adopting digitized and dynamic regulations and government policies can lead to reduced citizen expenditure, creating highly-effective societies.
Digital solutions for a better future
Smart solutions can improve multiple quality-of-life aspects in modern cities.
Fewer crime incidents1.
Shorter average commute2.
Lower greenhouse-gas emissions3.
Smart transportation on highway for better traffic management and monitoring
Traffic management

ASUS IoT systems can use machine learning and connect to cameras to monitor and regulate traffic, adjusting traffic-light phasing based on the volume of vehicles.

Surveillance camera on the road ensures city safety

Cameras and sensors capture and share video, audio and vehicle location, giving first responders and real-time data for planning. Smart cameras can see accidents and trigger emergency response.

Many smart poles standing along the road as street light and collecting traffic data
Smart poles

ASUS IoT edge computers connected to smart streetlights adjust brightness automatically, saving energy, collecting data for policy improvement and displaying multimedia content for public information or promotion.

At parking lot, a car is trying to park in the space
Smart parking

ASUS IoT ALPR provides accurate plate recognition, enabling capacity checks to reduce congestion and increase satisfaction across public parking resources.

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ASUS IoT provides a wide range of smart city offerings to accelerate urban digital transformation

High quality for reliable operation

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