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Centralized Management Solution for Smart Store Chains with Intel and ASUS IoT

I. Introduction

In the digital-technology era, comprehensive digital-transformation solutions help businesses enhance store-chain-management capabilities, reduce manual operations to avoid errors, cut operating costs, and synchronize the operational environment of the store chain.

ASUS IoT smart store chain uses cloud technology for centralized management.


  • Centralized content distribution (audio/visual).
  • Centralized device management.
  • Monitoring energy consumption, environmental/device status at centralized stores.
  • Automatic operation planning for store groups with similar or different scenarios by region/season/campaign.
  • Support for abnomal alerts, automated scenario-based actions.
  • Integration with AI for optimization.

Maximum Support:

  • Investment cost optimization with diverse options.
  • Technical support.

Quality - Long Lifecycle:

  • Operation in harsh environments.
  • 24/7 operation capability.
  • Extremely high performance and stability requirements.
  • Low noise, good heat dissipation, low energy consumption.
  • Ability to supply large scale quickly with fast warranty service.
  • Competitive pricing.

Performance - Security:

  • Powerful audio/visual-processing capability.
  • Support for fast and secure encryption/decryption methods.

II. Solution Overview

  1. Solution
  1. Background Music

    • Synchronized transmission and management of audio-playback schedules.
    • Centralized device management: Detailed management of thousands of stores with a single interface, making overall monitoring of store information easier than ever.
  2. Digital Signage

    • Synchronized transmission and management of video-playback schedules.
    • Centralized device management.

  3. Automation

    • Centralized monitoring and control of devices at stores
    • Automated operation according to schedules.

  4. Benefits

    • Centralized Management: Detailed management of thousands of stores with a single interface, making overall monitoring of store information easier than ever.
    • Standardized Operation: Store working hours correspond to the operation time of electrical devices, eliminating unnecessary device-usage time.
    • Simplified Management: Quick and easy feature changes for terminal devices with just a click, without requiring automation expertise.
    • Cost Control: Electric usage costs are constantly updated and alerted in case of abnormalities. Optimizes device-usage time in stores.
    • Security Alerts: The system immediately sends alerts when abnormal events such as fires or intrusions occur.
    • Automation: Devices are scheduled to operate or operate according to appropriate contexts, making stores smarter and easier to manage.
    • Visual and User-Friendly: Thousands of stores are managed in detail with a single interface, making overall monitoring of store information easier than ever.

III. Mesh Operating System

Three mesh operating backend system images, the lift side one showing store overview and performance analytics, the right side two showing detailed indicators

Image: Mesh Home Operating Interface

IV. Case Study

6 important Vietnam smart retail customer logos

Image: Prominent Customers Using Mesh Products

With clear, professional direction as well as always promoting user experience, Mesh has become the preferred choice and has the opportunity to cooperate with many famous store chains in Vietnam.

V. Conclusion

Based on the reliable hardware and software platforms, Mesh confidently can meet all customer needs in the era of Industry 4.0, where AI applications are still trending. This allows us to quickly realize and deploy these solutions to customers and businesses.

About MESH
In 2009, Sam Tropical Heat Company Limited officially marked its establishment in Vietnam, boasting a team of dedicated and innovative professionals. Positioned as a prominent player in the Vietnamese IoT landscape, we champion the ethos of "Smart things – smart living." Our steadfast belief revolves around delivering pragmatic solutions and cutting-edge products, thereby actively fostering the evolution of a modern, streamlined, and intelligent Vietnam.

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