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An AI-based application software for product quality inspection during production phase

  • Create AI-model within 1 minute
  • Ease-of-use interface
  • No AI-accelerator is needed
  • Variety of data source
  • Traceability of production history
  • Automated and standardized the testing procedure
Technical Resources


The AISDetector is an AI-based application software for product quality inspection during production phase. The AISDetector provides an intuitive user interface for production engineer or line manager to create AI model within 1 minute without AI expertise.​

Waveform signature analysis is the key technology skill of AISDetector. AISDetector is adopting AI skill to find out abnormal patent in the waveform raw data without any human judgement.​

With AISDetector, it can standardize the testing procedure to avoid any human error. Meanwhile, it also create a production history for improving product traceability. It is not only improve the productivity but also build up a high quality control system.​

AISDetector Project Manager

Manage multiple AI models and use cases

Project tool to define and keep necessary information for different AI models and scenario with use case flexibility.
AISDetector Project Manager

1 min Training

Fast model training

Require 5 quality waveform data and short as 1 min to train a quality AI model allow instance production line switch.

*Note :3*30 secs waveforms with i3 CPU 16G RAM to get optimized AI model)

1 min Training

Intuitive Testing

Allow user to run test easily

Real-time show Pass/Fail on the screen based on selected model.
Intuitive Testing


  • Manufacturing


    Defect Detection

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