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An Ease-of-use AI Toolkit and SDK for Computer Vision, for model training and inference.

  • Intuitive, simple, and quick project setup in four steps.
  • Diverse models (object detection, classification, segmentation, and anomaly detection) for vertical applications, and integration of various intuitive labeling tools.
  • Unique AI framework supporting Intel® OpenVINO architecture for inference.
  • A report wizard for sample filtering, with unique model training and validation.
  • Optimized performance for handling simultaneous training projects.
  • Friendly support for C, C++ and C# to ease integration into existing programs.
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ASUS AISVision is an ease-of-use toolkit that uses ASUS AI techniques for the application of computer vision. AISVision offers a highly flexible training and inference architecture, with three working modes including "trainer", "scheduler" and "runtime" for AI training, batch training and inference. This toolkit is designed to simplify the complexity of AI knowledge so that developers can create their owned AI models in minutes, using ASUS’s own AI techniques. Developers can also use the toolkit to retrain the model with new data input and keep operational knowledge within their own work domain.

Besides the training mode, the toolkit also provides "runtime" mode as an inference engine that supports C, C# and C++ APIs to integrate existing graphical interfaces. They can also retrieve in-line data for analysis and export it for further analytics, visualization, database management and other related tasks in the edge or cloud. And given the amount of time that training can consume, the "scheduler" mode can train pre-defined tasks in batches for higher efficiency.

AISVision Project Manager

Managing multiple AI models and use cases

A project tool that defines and stores core information for different AI models and scenarios, with use case flexibilities.
AISVision Project Manager

Intuitive labeling tool

Labeling images for AI processing

Integrate various labeling tools to apply important messages to images and describe AI functions. Simply drag the mouse cursor and select the desired label shape.
Intuitive labeling tool

Unique validation feature

Simulating time and verifying models and tuning functions

Innovative production line inspection with time simulation to accelerate automated production planning; a unique model adjustment function can quickly adjust the model without requiring retraining.
Unique validation feature

High flexibility inference architecture

Diverse API support and a highly flexible inference architecture
CPU inference support on-premises with Intel® OpenVINO architecture

Special algorithms allow inference with Intel CPUs to achieve some accuracy by incorporating GPUs, which increases inference flexibility, lowers energy consumption and reduces the cost of hardware.
High flexibility inference architecture


  • Manufacturing


    Defect Detection
    Production parts segmentation and classification​

  • Retail


    In-store Automatic Check-out
    On-shelf inventory check​

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