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ASUS IoT Mini ITX Board Suits Kiosk Use

By implementing industrial motherboard in self-ordering kiosks, retail owner can provide better and efficient user shopping experience.

Smart Border Management with ASUS IoT PE4000G

PE4000G revolutionizes border management in Southeast Asia through advanced AI computing, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

ASUS LU800: Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI-powered Ultrasound

Discover how ASUS LU800 Handheld Ultrasound revolutionizes healthcare with AI, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.

GPU-Based Image Processing Powers the Latest Manufacturing Applications

Unicomp & ASUS IoT optimize X-ray inspection with EBS-4U700, enhancing precision & speed for industrial inspections.

LU700 Handheld Ultrasound for Mobile Healthcare

ASUS LU700 handheld ultrasound is wireless and portable design with long battery life, supporting multiple OS. Applied in ambulances and remote healthcare.

Tinker System 2 Excels As Network Analyzer Backbone

Smart City
ASUS IoT Tinker System 2 enhances network analysis with packet capture, real-time monitoring, security, and energy efficiency. In a Korean case study, Soul Systems uses Tinker System 2 for Lampad, reducing network downtime by over 90% through instant root cause analysis.
Soul Systems

Intel & ASUS IoT: Centralized Smart Store Chain Management

ASUS IoT and Intel provide solution for streamlined smart store chain management, leveraging centralized content distribution, automated operation planning, and integration with AI.
MESH logo

OpenVINO Powers AI in Smart Stores

Retail undergoes digital transformation with IoT and AI for smart stores. ASUS IoT-Intel infrastructure powers effective solutions like Customer Traffic Analytics, enhancing real-time monitoring and data analysis. Continuous improvement is crucial in a dynamic market.
TMA solutions

Empowering Retailers with Anonymization Tools

brighter AI’s Image and Video Anonymization software, optimized with Intel® technologies.
brighter AI

Winning Together: ASUS IoT & Irida Labs

ASUS IoT and Irida Labs reimagined the vending solution, helping the end client transition to an industrial-grade PC and a more robust AI solution.
Irida Labs

ASUS VivoWatch obtains TFDA, ISO 13485 certifications

ASUS VivoWatch sets the standard in wearable medical devices with TFDA certifications for its ECG and blood pressure apps.

ASUS IoT Drives Smart Factory Development through AI

ASUS innovates with AIoT to transform manufacturing, showcased in their AI-powered demo factory.
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