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ASUS AIoT improves NEXCOM's pin-detection precision

NEXCOM adopts ASUS IoT's AI vision tech for high-mix, low-volume production, reducing modeling time and boosting detection accuracy.

ASUS IoT AI vision enhances Amertek's detection efficiency

ASUS IoT helps Amertek enhance production efficiency, reduce detection times and optimize HR scheduling with integrated AI solutions.
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GPU-Based Image Processing Powers the Latest Manufacturing Applications

Unicomp & ASUS IoT optimize X-ray inspection with EBS-4U700, enhancing precision & speed for industrial inspections.

ASUS IoT Drives Smart Factory Development through AI

ASUS innovates with AIoT to transform manufacturing, showcased in their AI-powered demo factory.

Bringing Industrial IoT Devices to Rugged Environments

Take a closer look at the world of IoT resilience and discover the secrets to deploying rugged IoT devices in challenging environments

ASUS IoT and Hitachi Energy Transform Energy Industry with TRO610 Cellular Router

Hitachi Energy partnered with ASUS IoT to develop the TRO610 cellular router, a compact and rugged communication gateway for industrial IoT applications.

Smart Inspection of Each and Every Screw and Nut

Automotive manufacturers require "zero defect" for their screws and nuts. See how ASUS introduced AISVision to San Shing Fastech, boosting quality inspection efficiency.
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ASUS IoT Accelerate AI implementation in Metal Processing Factory

Chin Fong Machine Industrial incorporate AI solutions to implement lean production.Learn how ASUS IoT help our customer to solve the critical issues in visual inspection.

ASUS IoT Factory Environment, Health, and Safety

Artificial Intelligence solution that is turn-key, scalable, and agile, designed to align with international safety standards for greater production ...

ASUS IoT-powered quality control: Automating the detection of defective screens

The enormous growth in the popularity of smart devices means demand for the glass display panels used for screens has increased dramatically. Quality control of these components is a key part of the production process. While ...

Perform Your AI inference on Edge

ASUS Tinker Edge T is a small, powerful single-board computer (SBC) specially designed to drive your AI applications. Featuring a Google Edge TPU, a machine learning (ML) accelerator, it offers superb processing...

Stamped-Metal Parts Maker Leverages ASUS AI-Driven Solution to Ensure Quality

ASUS AI (Artificial Intelligent) Computer Vision Defect Inspection solution is purposely design and optimized for surface defect inspection. A stamped metal product corporation based out of Taiwan, introduced ASUS AI ...