ASUS Introduces Comprehensive AIoT Solutions, Unleashing AI Across Multiple Vertical Markets

Showcase includes an innovative racing sim and numerous smart retail, smart manufacturing, smart city, and smart healthcare solutions



  • ASUS IoT leads AI revolution with a comprehensive set of AIoT solutions
  • ASUS, in collaboration with ERA Advanced and Intel, unveil cutting-edge AI sim racing demonstration
  • Innovative ASUS AIoT solutions already deployed in smart retail, smart manufacturing, smart city, and smart healthcare
A man sitting in a racing simulator demonstrating an innovative AI-powered racing simulator developed by ASUS, ERA Advanced, and Intel, with a simulated racetrack displayed on the screen

TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 31, 2024 — ASUS today announced the unveiling of its comprehensive AIoT solutions at the Intel Tech Tour event. ASUS IoT, the global AIoT solution provider, showcased its cutting-edge innovations for various industries, including smart retail, smart manufacturing, smart city, and smart healthcare. The event, held at ASUS headquarters, gathered over 100 media representatives to witness the power of ASUS AIoT solutions and learn how they are revolutionizing different sectors.

"We are excited to collaborate with Intel to accelerate our customers’ digital transformation worldwide. ASUS has made a deep commitment to the AIoT business, employing over 1,000 AI professionals,” said Albert Chang, Corporate Vice President and Co-Head of AIoT Business Group at ASUS. “Intel has always been an important partner in delivering AI-ready solutions to the market. Today marks an important milestone in our co-winning approach, and we look forward to bringing more innovative AI solutions to our industrial customers in the near future."

Innovative racing simulator demo with AI agents developed by ASUS and ERA Advanced, in collaboration with Intel

ERA Advanced, renowned for its electric single-seater racecars, has collaborated with Intel and ASUS to showcase a groundbreaking sim racing demonstration powered by AI technology. This innovative project involves transforming one of ERA's racecars into a sophisticated simulator, integrating an advanced AI training coach.

The demonstration showcased the remarkable capabilities of the AI agents developed by ASUS, ERA Advanced, in collaboration with Intel. Additionally, ASUS hardware played a crucial role in making this demo a reality. This includes using the ASUS Zephyrus G16, equipped with an Intel Core Ultra 9 processor, as the racing simulator and the ASUS IoT PE3000G, an edge AI computer equipped with a 12th Gen Intel® Core processor and Intel Arc A370M GPU, to run local AI workloads without pushing data to the cloud.

During the demonstration, the AI agents collected data from the car and the game, running local AI workloads. Leveraging edge computing, this technology achieves a significant improvement, supporting critical workloads such as voice assistant integration, local database analysis with large language models (LLMs), and real-time voice coaching feedback.

The future vision of this demonstration is to implement this AI into real racecars and connect online and offline drivers. Beyond racing, the potential applications extend to long-haul logistics and road vehicles, promising improvements in safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Smart retail solutions to streamline operations and optimize customer experience

In the realm of smart retail, ASUS IoT introduced the Smart Replenishment Solution, which revolutionizes supermarket operations through AI technology powered by the ASUS IoT PE3000G edge computer and leveraging Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit. This groundbreaking system automates restocking processes for perishable goods, resulting in heightened operational efficiency, faster responsiveness, reduced wastage, increased profitability, and better-informed decision-making for retailers.

Furthermore, the ASUS OneID IoRT (Internet of Retail Things) Solution integrates with ASUS IoRT cloud data and OMO (Online Merge Offline) microservices to boost operational efficiency and enhance the retail experience. Equipped with ASUS NUC systems enhanced by Intel Core Ultra processors as well as offering advanced displays and AI/ML technologies, this ASUS IoRT solution enables advanced AI capabilities and meticulously analyzes massive amounts of transaction data to provide tailored customer insights.

Smart manufacturing solutions for high productivity

In the field of Smart Manufacturing, ASUS AISVision, powered by Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit, presents an easy-to-use toolkit that applies ASUS AI techniques to computer vision for AI AOI inspection. AISVision provides a highly flexible training and inference architecture, enabling developers to create their own AI models in minutes and reducing workload by 80%.

Smart city solutions for enhanced management

For smart city applications, ASUS IoT offers Car and People Flow Analytics, enhancing AI-driven operations with the ASUS IoT PE3100G – a robust and fan-less edge AI computer designed specifically for advanced computer vision applications. Integrated with Intel Arc A370E and A350E GPUs, this solution delivers superior AI inferencing and sophisticated image processing capabilities, making it the optimal choice for perception and real-time object detection tasks.

Another solution is smart parking, where ASUS IoT's ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) Edge AI dev kit integrates the PE2200U edge computer powered by Intel® CoreUltra processor 100U series and optimized ALPR OpenVINO engine. This integration ensures 99.9% accuracy and provides features such as wide-angle skew correction, novelty-plate noise reduction, low-light-condition recognition, APIs and GitHub resource support, one-to-many recognition, and parking space occupation detection. This solution not only reduces deployment costs but also simplifies management.

Smart healthcare solutions assist doctors in accurate diagnosis

Lastly, in the field of smart healthcare, ASUS offers EndoAim, an AI endoscopy solution powered by Intel Core processors and Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit. EndoAim accurately detects all types of polyps, including those that are easily overlooked. By classifying polyps into adenoma/non-adenoma, EndoAim assists doctors in making accurate evaluations and avoiding unnecessary biopsies. With a 95% sensitivity, 97% specificity, and 95% AUC for polyp classification, EndoAim significantly improves healthcare outcomes.

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