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  • ASUS IoT at UK exhibition: Latest products and business unit staff present at Engineering Design Show (EDS) 2021, from October 19-20, 2021
  • New strategic partnership: ASUS working with Solid State Supplies, specialist distributor of semiconductors and modules for embedded devices
  • ASUS IoT showcase: Face recognition and automatic license-plate recognition solution both on display at booth K2

COVENTRY, United Kingdom, October 18, 2021

ASUS IoT today announced its participation at the Engineering Design Show (EDS) 2021, which will be held at Coventry Building Society Arena in the United Kingdom from October 19-20, 2021, to showcase the latest AIoT products and solutions —including the ASUS IoT Tinker Board series, ASUS IoT Face Recognition Edge AI Dev Kit and ASUS IoT automatic license-plate recognition (ALPR) Edge AI Dev Kit.

The Engineering Design Show is the UK’s only event entirely dedicated to engineering, electronics and embedded design. Every year, this exhibition attracts elite companies and industry experts from the manufacturing and supply chain sectors to share, learn and collaborate with technologies on the future trends, products and applications available in today’s fast-changing environment.

ASUS IoT will partner Solid State Supplies at EDS 2021 as the two companies launch a strategic business partnership in the UK. Solid State Supplies has supported EDS since its inception and is delighted to showcase the ASUS AIoT portfolio on its booth this year. Solid State Supplies is a technical, franchised distributor supplying semiconductors, related components and modules for embedded processing, control and communications (both wireless and wired), sensing and switching, power management and LED lighting. Focusing on products from a limited number of suppliers, the company understands its products in depth and offers customers outstanding levels of commercial and technical support.

Latest ASUS IoT innovations on show at EDS booth K2

As a rapidly growing player in the burgeoning fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), ASUS will be available to discuss its comprehensive AIoT hardware and software portfolio. We will also be providing a live demonstration of our innovative market-ready-solutions: the ASUS IoT Face Recognition Edge AI Dev Kit and ASUS IoT ALPR Edge AI Dev Kit.

“EDS is grand and industry-leading event that attracts engineering professionals from around the world, while AIoT is becoming a hot topic that is reshaping markets. ” said KuoWei Chao, General Manager of the ASUS IoT business unit, “ ASUS has been expanding its footprint from consumer electronics to industrial offerings, and we look forward to introducing to our UK customers and partners our comprehensive AIoT solutions that integrate our strong hardware components and advanced AI software analysis.”

Located at booth K2, ASUS IoT and Solid State Supplies are pleased to present the following AIoT solutions:

.ASUS IoT Face Recognition Edge AI Dev Kit

A one-stop solution for identifying faces and other key personal markers such as age, gender and head orientation, pairing ASUS IoT Tinker Board 2 with FaceMe® SDK from CyberLink to create a powerful package that’s capable of recognition with up to 99.99% accuracy, and at fast 154 ms inference speeds.

.ASUS IoT ALPR Edge AI Dev Kit

A comprehensive automatic license-plate recognition (ALPR) solution powered by ASUS IoT Tinker Board Edge R, capable of 99% accuracy with high, 100 ms inference performance with easy integration of existing USB or IP cameras and, with built-in machine-learning (ML) technology to learn from each inference — delivering continuously improving detection.