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Taipei, Taiwan, February 22, 2019

ASUS today announced that it will showcase its latest wide-ranging lineup of AIoT solutions, including AI edge-computing solutions, Intel ® and ARM-based embedded solutions, Intel Xeon ® platform servers and workstations, motherboards and robotic solutions ready for industrial automation, retail, hospitality and data centers at Embedded World 2019. ASUS will showcase its products at booth 3-714 in the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre on February 26–28.

AI edge-computing solution

At Embedded World 2019, ASUS will demonstrate PE200U, an AI edge-computing solution with a pre-built Windows-based AI engine connected to an 8K IP camera that can be used for counting people as well as detecting gender and age with high accuracy.

Designed for high performance and silent operation in harsh environments, the ASUS PE200U edge computer can achieve full CPU utilization, while being cooled by a fanless thermal solution in a sealed enclosure. Enhanced features ensure optimal performance, the flexibility to adapt to various environments, easy configuration with a wide range of power inputs (12~24V) and operating temperatures (-20°~60°) and diverse I/O interface and expansion options, including PoE and GPIO for multiple vertical markets.

ASUS PE200U is built for 24/7 stability and reliability, combined with world-class after-sales service and guaranteed long-term availability to maximize the user’s investment for the entire product lifecycle. PE200U offers a high-quality, TCO-optimized solution for users’ AIoT computing needs.

Available as a package with PE200U, ASUS Intelligent Edge Console is an exclusive software suite that provides services for a variety of ASUS hardware devices. It includes device management, remote monitoring and control, and data visualization, making it ideal for all kinds of AI and machine-learning applications and environments.

ARM-based interactive kiosk

ASUS will also showcase a total solution of interactive kiosks with the ARM-based ASUS Tinker Board and a touch screen with barcode-scanning or RFID technology support. ASUS Tinker Board is a series of small single-board computers with a quad-core ARM-based processor and a series of ASUS-authorized accessories offering outstanding performance for versatile applications. The latest Tinker Board S features onboard 16GB eMMC storage and a microSD slot for enhanced performance, stability and flexibility. Designed with a 40-pin GPIO header, an enhanced I2S pin with slave mode and an improved software API for better compatibility, Tinker Board S provides excellent performance combined with low power-consumption.

Intel Xeon platform servers and workstations

Designed to deliver workload-optimized performance with enhanced reliability and security for small and medium-sized businesses, ASUS will demonstrate the latest Intel Xeon E platform server motherboard P11C series and RS100 E10 server system for industry 4.0 applications that require multi-core, high-speed, power-efficient processing and I/O capacity. ASUS will also showcase workstation motherboards including WS C621E SAGE and WS C246M PRO to delivery more expandability and flexibility with better support for features such as Up to 4-way multiple-graphic cards, M.2 for faster data-transfer speeds, and dual LAN ports to fit user’s various needs.

AI Robotics solution

Zenbo Junior is a new AI-enabled robotics platform that allows developers, system integrators and business partners to create flexible and easily manageable robotics solutions to improve business operations and customer experiences. Zenbo Junior provides comprehensive development tools, including the Zenbo SDK and Dialogue Development Editor that offer APIs for multiple sensors and allow developers and system integrators to create specialized robotic applications faster and easier.

As the world’s No.1 motherboard brand, ASUS offers industrial motherboards with durable, industrial-grade components for reliable 24/7 operation in harsh environments and use in different vertical markets. ASUS provides a faster time-to-market with customization and motherboard modulation by leveraging over 30 years of design and innovation expertise, world-class after sales service, material supply flexibility, the ability to respond rapidly to forecast changes and long-term technical support, enabling customers to find the perfect solution to match their requirements.