• nds-free operation: Ha World-leading eye-tracking technology enables new ways for medical personnel to interact with Intelligent Telemedicine Cart
  • Multiple new features: Automatic screen blurring, rapid user detection, automatic logout and lock, reduced power consumption and more
  • Intelligent Telemedicine Cart: Innovative integrated telemedicine solution empowers provision of safe medical care in isolation wards and remote settings

TAIPEI, Taiwan, August 5, 2021

ASUS IoT today announced a collaboration with Tobii to integrate the latter’s world-leading eye-tracking technology into ASUS IoT Intelligent Telemedicine Cart, enabling medical personnel to interact with the device without the need for regular or repetitive touch interaction or other physical controls.

The Intelligent Telemedicine Cart has been implemented within the Taipei City Hospital, Heping Fuyou Branch to enable the doctors and nurses to interact, diagnose symptoms and provide support to patients who are in isolation rooms. Today’s announcement sees the usefulness of the Intelligent Telemedicine Cart elevated to the next level.

Tobii’s eye-tracking technology makes it possible for a computer or other device to know where a person is looking. The eye-tracker can also detect the presence, attention and focus of the user, enables unique insights into human behavior and facilitates natural user interfaces in a broad range of devices. The ability to control a computer using the eyes is also vital for people who are unable to speak or use their hands. This advanced, hands-free technology has the potential to offers significant benefits in the healthcare settings where the Intelligent Telemedicine Cart is deployed, particularly with regard to the enhanced hygiene awareness and routines prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic,

Multiple new features: Tobii technology empowers upgraded privacy, safety and security

The integration of Tobii’s eye-tracking technology helps ASUS IoT Intelligent Telemedicine Cart to solve a multitude of common problems faced by medical personnel. These include a range of new privacy, safety and security features coupled with workflow efficiency and employee-wellbeing improvements. For example, with the new eye-tracking capability Intelligent Telemedicine Cart’s already extensive feature set has been upgraded so that it is now able to offer the following functionality and benefits:

.Hands-free operation

Touchless login and other specific interactions minimize the risk of contamination through device sharing, and in turn reduce cleaning requirements and the wasteful use of disposable gloves.

.Automatic screen blurring

Intelligent Medicine Cart detects and confirms that only the authorized, logged-in user is viewing the screen, automatically obscuring the display to protect sensitive information if it detects that an unauthorized person is additionally looking at the screen.

.Rapid detection

In harmony with the above, high-speed detection ensures screen blurring is revoked the moment the sole gaze of the authorized user is restored, ensuring a smooth workflow.

.Automatic logout and lock

If so configured, Intelligent Telemedicine Cart will detect attempts at unauthorized use, and in response automatically log out the current user and lock the system.

.Reduced power consumption

The eye-tracking technology ensures that the screen is active only when necessary, maximizing battery life and minimizing the need to charge Intelligent Medicine Cart or exchange batteries between shifts.

.Wellbeing reminders

Simple, friendly prompts can be displayed to encourage users to improve their posture and viewing distance, as well as issuing reminders to take scheduled breaks.

.Minimized cross contamination

By enabling touch-free operation, Intelligent Telemedicine Cart reduces the risk of contaminant transfer.

About ASUS IoT Intelligent Telemedicine Cart

ASUS IoT Intelligent Telemedicine Cart is equipped with ASUS medical computers, network communication equipment and long-lasting batteries, and replaces the keyboard with a touchscreen to make it easier to disinfect and thus limit the ability of bacteria to multiply. The high-resolution lens can be controlled remotely to capture images from different angles to assist physicians in diagnosis. In addition, it supports communication standards such as WiFi, Bluetooth® and RFID, offers diverse connectivity, and is compatible with a variety of medical devices.

Intelligent Telemedicine Cart’s built-in Intel® Core™ processor and hardware architecture integrates AES technology to protect patients’ privacy and personal information. Together with the powerful functions of an SaaS cloud platform, it allows physicians from different regions to collaborate on diagnoses in real time. For online consultations, a patient’s family can also participate in the consultation process. After the diagnosis and treatment, the data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud and can be integrated with the hospital’s internal information system for more immediate convenience.

ASUS hopes to replicate this successful experience to more regions, strengthening the integrity of community care, and improving the quality of medical services.