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July 9, 2024

Smart Factory Breakthrough: Transforming Production with 5G and AIoT

By implementing smart logistics and revolutionizing the production line material-preparation process, ASUS IoT has integrated autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and a warehouse-control system (WCS) into Portwell's production line through the combination of 5G and AIoT technology.

With 5G's high bandwidth, wide connectivity, and low latency, real-time information transmission is enabled. This results in reduced handling costs and communication time among personnel. Moreover, it allows for efficient system scheduling and the assignment of material distribution tasks to AMRs, thereby creating a smoother manufacturing process.

The implementation of this system could potentially reduce the number of personnel needed for handling materials by at least three, leading to a manpower reduction of up to 40%. We anticipate that the system’s accuracy in handling these tasks will exceed 99%, thereby enhancing overall efficiency and enabling smart logistics management for the factory.