AI Security Solution

ASUS AI Security Solution is a face recognition system powered by artificial intelligence that enables accurate and stable security monitoring. Ideal for schools and workplaces of all types, AI Security Solution simplifies security processes and improves operational efficiency to deliver comprehensive yet easy to manage security package.

Solution Features
  • A dashboard for background data management provides administrators at-a-glance information about building access by staff and visitors and can also export related attendance reports for human resources departments to integrate and use.
  • The latest AI algorithms combined with solid hardware capabilities enables AI Security Solution to provide accurate facial recognition data, while still being easy to operate and highly compatible with security applications used in a variety of environments, including multinational companies, chain retail stores and server rooms.
  • Using AI calculus technology, a full range of hardware and integration of facial recognition data, AI Security Solution can be easily applied to various fields, academic institutions, medical institutions, large and medium enterprises, retail shops and residential buildings.
Product Advantages
  • Easily batch import photos with Excel: Quickly and easily import photos in batches, saving time and effort.
  • Quickly verify photo availability: Automatically screen for valid photos by checking for blurriness, partial occlusion (such as reflection from glasses and subjects wearing masks), uneven light sources, insufficient feature values and multiple faces. Invalid photos will prompt a registration failure notification.
  • Provide a reliable confidence score of recognized photos: The system can display a recognition confidence score for each person it identifies, and administrators can set a threshold score required for entry. When an abnormality occurs, administrators can instantly see the location as well as other environmental information, greatly reducing the time needed to determine the cause of the error. Administrators can also use the incident to fine-tune the threshold to optimize the identification system.
  • Clearly diverse identity settings: Individuals can be classified and graded into different categories and warning level in the facial information database, so customers can perform corresponding actions and processing after face recognition. For example, individuals can be classified into a whitelist, special list, temporary deployment and other warning targets. Customers can connect different systems such as door opening, door closing, and notification of security guards according to their needs.
  • Easily export information via Excel files: AI Security Solution supports exporting reports of individuals identified in the background. These reports can then be imported into other applications for cross-system use.
Applicable Fields

Access Control (including building access control, office access control and visitor self- check-in): Record who uses a meeting room. Visitors check-in when entering and exiting the room. If a visitor fails to return an identification card, access can be controlled later using facial recognition. If an employee forgets to bring their badge, they can still enter the office by verifying their identity using facial recognition.

HR (Human Resource) Attendance Management: This feature integrates with the access control and attendance system, which is easy to manage and has high accuracy.

Surveillance System: If a visitor enters a prohibited area, the system will send a notification to the security guard. The fast and accurate facial image analysis engine can instantly differentiate staff, visitors and individuals in specific lists in the surveillance image and automatically provide notifications to administrators and managers. Where high- strength security regulations are required, AI Security Solution also provides anti-trailing, intrusion detection and other functions to ensure asset protection and personnel safety.