ASUS Automation is optimized for robustness, intelligence, flexibility and manageability and offers faster time-to-market with standards-based, pre-validated systems, plus fanless-chassis designs and purpose-built I/O adaptability to support the ever-growing spectrum of industrial and machine-vision applications.

Implementing edge IoT solutions in industrial automation brings challenges, such as connecting legacy manufacturing equipment to cloud platforms. With ASUS Automation for edge IoT, factory equipment can be transformed into highly intelligent business properties with around-the-clock data collection and measurement that allow manufacturers to overcome the traditional hurdles of machinery upkeep and data connectivity.

Another challenge is factory environments with extreme temperatures, humidity or regular shocks and vibrations that require robust, dedicated designs to ensure reliable operation. ASUS offers an extensive board-level and system-level product portfolio and provides a wide range of tests in harsh environments to ensure stable operations and enhanced efficiency.

Why ASUS Automation?

Rugged components with in-house design and manufacturing capabilities

Extensive artificial intelligence and edge IoT technology integration

Strategic design partnership that ensure product longevity and planned roadmaps

ASUS world-class after-sales service

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