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  • ASUS IoT devices include pre-installed and pre-licensed Ubuntu Linux OS, accelerating time-to-market and offering long-term support from Canonical
  • Certification ensures that the latest Ubuntu Linux updates and security patches will reliably install on ASUS IoT devices
  • The ASUS IoT PE100A is the industry’s first NXP i.MX8 IoT device that Canonical has certified for version 20.04 of Ubuntu

TAIPEI, Taiwan, September 13th, 2022

ASUS IoT, a global AIoT solution provider, today announced a partnership agreement with Canonical to provide pre-installed and certified versions of the Ubuntu Linux operating system for embedded boards and systems in diverse edge computing applications. New ASUS IoT devices such as the PE100A will be guaranteed by Canonical for optimized performance with Ubuntu Linux, in the interest of improving development time, configuration and installation.

The ASUS IoT and Canonical guarantee

This collaboration between ASUS IoT and Canonical ensures that individual hardware I/O functions conform to industrial-grade standards and to the version of Ubuntu running on the device. Moreover, it provides up to 10 years of Linux security (with five years of bundled ESM service) along with updated capabilities for users in industrial manufacturing, smart retail, smart transportation, surveillance and many other application sectors.

The first NXP i.MX8 Canonical certification

The PE100A is a hand-sized edge computer optimized for TCO (total cost of ownership) and the first NXP i.MX8 device to be certified by Canonical for use in Ubuntu 20.04. It is supported by a secondary I/O board for extra functionality, and the i.MX 8M system-on-a-chip (SoC) delivers efficient performance with low power consumption.

With Canonical’s certification, the PE100A is preloaded with an Ubuntu image that empowers customers to focus on applications and software development. They can choose between Ubuntu Core 20 and Ubuntu Server 20.04 at the time of purchase.

Tony Chiang, General Manager for Canonical in Taiwan, said, “For Canonical, working with ASUS IoT to combine our leading Ubuntu operating system with their leading Edge computing and IoT hardware is a natural partnership. This is a great opportunity for Canonical to cooperate with ASUS IoT to deliver the best possible Linux experience, providing long term security and reliability support for all its’ end users. We're looking forward to working with ASUS IoT to deliver many more high quality, great value products for the IoT market.”