Lifestyle & Home

ASUS IoT Smart Home products are innovative solutions that implement the latest technologies to create a wholly integrated, connected smart home ecosystem. We offer a range of products designed to enhance efficiency, along with products that make your home more comfortable and secure – from the front door to every room within.

The ASUS IoT smart lock, for example, protects the entrance to your home. Its exclusive, patented anti-tamper construction ensures effective security, while the easy-install design means it’s ready to fit many existing lock cavities.

Inside the home, a clever product like ASUS IoT PureGo is primed to keep both you and your family in good health. Just drop this stylish, self-contained gadget into the basin when washing your fruit and vegetables for near-instant detection of pesticides and other contaminants – and be guided on food safety by the traffic-light-style LED indicator.

These are just two of the many exciting innovations on offer from ASUS IoT Smart Home designed to improve your home and modern lifestyle. The world is evolving – and ASUS IoT Smart Home is here to help you find the way forward.

Why ASUS Lifestyle & Home?

Tailor-made solutions with pre-validated systems

Flexible connection options to link and manage multiple peripherals

Extensive experience and capabilities in hardware design and software development

ASUS world-class after-sales service