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Smart Border Management with ASUS IoT PE4000G

PE4000G revolutionizes border management in Southeast Asia through advanced AI computing, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

Tinker System 2 Excels As Network Analyzer Backbone

Smart City
ASUS IoT Tinker System 2 enhances network analysis with packet capture, real-time monitoring, security, and energy efficiency. In a Korean case study, Soul Systems uses Tinker System 2 for Lampad, reducing network downtime by over 90% through instant root cause analysis.
Soul Systems

Bringing Industrial IoT Devices to Rugged Environments

Take a closer look at the world of IoT resilience and discover the secrets to deploying rugged IoT devices in challenging environments

The Power of Partnership – How ASUS IoT and SKIDATA reimagined access control and parking for guests at a cutting-edge Business Park in Brazil

Smart City
How vehicles and people gain access to places of work or sporting and leisure events can significantly impact the visitor experience. Based on the Co-Winning Approach, SKIDATA and ASUS IoT partnered to reimagine access control and parking for guests at a cutting-edge Business Park in Brazil. Let’s discover the significative results of this end-to-end solution!

Innovating for progress: ASUS IoT and PE1000N drive smart city initiatives in Bình Dinh province

Smart City
Bình Dinh province in Vietnam is on its way to becoming a smart city, leveraging PE1000N edge computer to efficiently collect data on vehicles, enable precise vehicle recognition and real-time monitoring.

ASUS IoT PE400D Computer Hones the Edge for 5G Smart Poles in Taipei City

Smart City
According to data from Navigant Research, there are around 360 million streetlights worldwide, but only 7.2 million or 2% of them have been upgraded to smart poles so far. Over 90 million smart poles, valued at over US$7 billion, are expected to be installed by 2028...

The ASUS IoT-powered robot: Delivering hands-free sanitization in a post-pandemic world

Smart City
The COVID-19 pandemic caught the planet unprepared. As populations globally move to the recovery and rebuilding phase, the importance of public health is at the fore. Governments and organizations around the world are ...