Digital Signage Solution

ASUS IoT believes in an "ecosystem approach" to building leading digital signage solutions. Our premium hardware, together with powerful software and a network of talented integrator partners, provide the best, complete solution for your needs.

ASUS IoT Market Ready Solutions is a comprehensive package that provides customers greater efficiency and productivity than standalone solutions. Together with a variety of ecosystem partners, we deliver workflow optimization solutions that are adaptable and ready for immediate implementation across multiple industries, including enterprise, education and retail.

Digital Signage for Enterprises

For enterprises, consistent and timely communications are crucial. Digital signage is a great communication tool for your teams, guests and customers.

Feature & Benefits

Connect with employees by displaying real-time information, events, announcements, meeting schedules and corporate news.  Maximize employee engagement, morale and productivity through simple reports and dashboards.

Add wayfinding directories and information screens in lobbies.  Create a remarkable impression for guests and customers by displaying welcome messages, company news and corporate videos.


ASUS IoT Digital Signage Solution is fast and easy to set up and use for any scenario. It comes with pre-designed templates that can be customized to fit your specific needs, and its cloud-based design makes deploying content to dispersed locations effortless.

ASUS IoT signage works with a full range of hardware platforms and adapts to your project, enabling you to build the most effective workspace.

Digital Signage in Education

For K-12 schools, colleges, universities and educational institutions of all types, an easy to use digital signage system is crucial. Schools with digital signage that is conveniently located can improves communication with students and increase awareness of important information.

Feature & Benefits

Display crucial announcements in a matter of minutes, welcome everyone back from holiday break or post reminders to students and staff. Integrate social media and other dynamic information to give students a complete school communications resource.


ASUS IoT Digital Signage Solution features templates and widgets that are ready for schools. Easily create and update content to keep students informed with the latest information — no coding knowledge is required! With dynamic, timely content, students will have instant access to school messages in school lobbies, cafeterias and hallways.

Digital Signage in Retail

Grabbing attention, providing interactive, immersive experiences and influencing purchasing decisions are crucial for retailers. From entrances to product departments and aisles, use retail signage to efficiently reach and engage with your customers at every focal point of their shopping trip.

Feature & Benefits

Retail signage capable of stunning 4K graphics, split-screen content and interactive experiences is the best tool for promoting products, upselling services and creating new ways to better connect with customers.

Marketing communications can be very quick and dynamic. With ASUS Digital Signage Solution, you can quickly and easily manage all kinds of dynamic content, including exclusive special offers, upcoming sales, special events, customer-centric notifications and location-driven messages.


ASUS IoT Digital Signage Solution is a perfect fit for retail environments. Drive multiple screens of high-quality 4K video or graphics and enjoy software templates and widgets specifically made for retail. The system is dust proof and designed for 24/7 operation in a wide variety of operating environments and temperatures, making it perfect for everything from menus and break room displays to product information boards in aisles and check-out areas.

ASUS IoT Digital Signage Solution Highlights

Support for multiple platforms, including Chrome OS and Windows.

Designed for commercial use and critical environments: fanless, 24/7 operation, wide-temperature range.

A variety of available hardware configurations are suitable for all kinds of project requirements.

Certified products

Compliant Hardware