Can smart retail transform business? Retailers are now building their business intelligence through video analysis technology to get deep insights into customer behavior and enhance the retail experience. ASUS offers competitive tailor-made retail solutions to meet your requirements, allowing you to save product development time and costs as well as deliver time-to-market solutions.

ASUS Retail is designed for retailers that need a powerful system built to withstand harsh environments and support extensive AI capabilities. ASUS intelligent Edge Computer can operate under a wide range of operating temperature and power inputs, making it ideal for use in retail with 24/7 operation in outdoor environments. ASUS intelligent Edge Computer also offers diverse I/O options for different expansions. Vending machines, for example, are required to support multiple payment methods, and display continuous, real-time advertisements.

ASUS intelligent Edge Computer comes with custom ASUS IEC Vision software that retailers can use to find out how their target customers interact with their brands and products, and understand the long-term trends and patterns of customer behavior for marketing analysis and assessment.

Why ASUS Retail?

Tailor-made retail solutions with pre-validated systems

Ready-to-use ASUS IEC Vision software for intelligent retail to gain better consumer insights

Cloud-based platform integration capability with flexible configuration

ASUS world-class after-sales service

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